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Second to None Roofing doesn’t assist homeowners in just one area of Michigan with their roof repair needs, and so we are thrilled to be among one of the premier roofing companies in Chesterfield.

Chesterfield Township, MI, where there is a population of around 45,000 to 50,000, is the perfect place for our great roofing professionals to get to know residents and homeowners who could use our expertise and help with their roofing needs. 

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A Chesterfield Roofing Contractor

Who Puts Their Focus Where It Counts

With quite a high population, the need for great quality roofing services in Chesterfield is obvious. We constantly come into contact with many roofing requests. Unfortunately, we don’t feel enough professionals in the area will meet the need and demand with consistency and excellence like Second to None Roofing will. 

Roofing projects don't have to break the bank...

If a roofing company does not have a great track record concerning the roofing work they’ve done in the past, then unless you spend hours of research seeking out every online review they have from an unhappy customer or asking around to see who they’ve worked with before, more than likely, you wouldn’t be aware of it.

Chesterfield roofing companies that don’t turn out to be as high-quality as one would hope, given the hefty price of many roofing projects, have one main advantage that allows them to waste the money of so many residents and customers who hire them.

However, we at Second to None want to take care of you by helping you avoid being cheated when you are searching for a roofer in your area.  

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Do your research..

More than likely, if someone considers themselves to be a learned expert in their field of roofing, chances are they have far more information and roofing education than the general public. 

While this knowledge is good and needed when a professional assesses your roof’s condition and addresses any issues you may be potentially facing, it also makes residents feel that their own personal research is not a requirement. Although a part of our job is certainly to make yours easier, we do suggest that before hiring any roofing companies to take a look at your home, you at least look a bit more into your issue so that a ball of wool isn’t pulled over your eyes simply by what you don’t know.

Roofing companies in Chesterfield MI

We want our roofing customers and residents to be informed enough so that an uninformed roofer is easily recognizable and so you don’t end up wasting your money.

Whatever job you need doing on your roof, you can rest assured that our professionals at Second to None Roofing have a ton of education concerning many facets of the world of roofing.

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Chesterfield Roof Repair Experts

There won’t be a stone you turn over when researching your specific roofing issue that our team hasn’t looked into with great intention and careful detail.

Our constant in-depth study is something we are proud of amongst our team of Chesterfield roofing professionals. Nonetheless, still do your research because we can promise you that you’ll be less likely to select the wrong person for the job because of it. Serving the community with high standards day in and day out is our promise to you. Get in touch with our friendly staff today to get to know our crew.

Peeling Back the Layers of Your Roof

Although roofing shingles are the most visible pieces of your roof, that does not mean they are the most important part of your roof.

There are several different layers of insulation on your roof, and they all play a vital role in securing your roof. 

Getting To Know The Ins And Outs Of Your Roof

Underneath the shingles lies something called “roofing tar paper,” there are many other names that Chesterfield roofer companies in Michigan use to refer to this protective and moisture blocking layer. Still, for the sake of keeping it simple, we’ll stick with tar paper for now.

In its simplest definition, Tar paper is a thin black layer of durable material that helps to block moisture from seeping into your roof, and we definitely recommend getting it installed, especially if you are laying down asphalt shingles.

There is some debate amongst roofers concerning whether or not tar paper is necessary, and when it comes to Second to None, we would much rather the residents of Chesterfield be safe versus sorry.