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Suppose you are a resident of Rochester Hills, MI. You’re unsure what to request from our roofing experts when inquiring about your roofing difficulties. In that case, we are happy to help you in that decision by laying out several options and comparing each other’s pros and cons.
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We listen to tons of questions daily from our customers. So we understand how confusing all of the facets of roofing can be. We hope that we can make your decision-making process more manageable and less problematic.

So, let’s dive deeper into your roofing inquiries. The first facet of roofing Rochester Hills MI residents often wonder about is the risk of Do-It-Yourself roofing projects.

Here at Second to None Roofing, we want you to get the job done, but not at the expense of your safety.

Hiring the right Michigan Roofing Company

With that said, there are smaller-scale roofing tasks that can be done cautiously by you or a family member at home. To begin with the basics, we need to address your ladder. Whatever ladder you are using, roofing Rochester Hills MI residents should ensure that their ladder is stable and secure in place.

If the ground around your home is uneven for whatever reason, we would suggest finding a solid spot like concrete to set your ladder on. Finding two or three people who can help secure your ladder while climbing up and down it would be ideal.

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We know that the reminder to secure your ladder may sound elementary. Still, we have heard way too many stories of locals who, for failure to climb safely up and down their ladder, end up injuring themselves. I think I can safely say that roofing companies in Michigan will insist you follow the proper safety measures when going at it alone. 

If You're Going It Alone, Get Your Toolbelt Ready

Every dedicated roofer can tell you that their toolbelt is essential. However, did you know that having a toolbelt can help to ensure your safety if you’re completing small roofing projects at home for yourself?

We all know what a nuisance it can be to climb up onto your roof only to realize that you need something that you forgot to bring with you. This is why our professionals at the finest of roofing companies in Michigan suggest something as simple as making what we call a “toolbelt checklist”.

A toolbelt checklist may sound tedious for what seems like nothing more than a simple do-it-yourself roofing task; however, it could make the difference between a job done safely and a tragedy stemming from a failure to prepare properly.

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What Should Be in a Basic “DIY” Roofing Rochester Hills MI Toolbelt?

When assembling your roofing toolbelt, one of the first things you should include is plenty of nails. Depending on the job you are undertaking when you are repairing your roof, that will determine which type of nails you will need.

The second tool you will want to include in your toolbelt is an adequate and appropriate hammer for securing nails. Because a hammer is a pretty hefty object, making sure that it is in your toolbelt versus in your hand when climbing up a ladder is essential.

We are very aware that even something as small and simple as assembling a toolbelt for a DIY project can be overwhelming. Especially with the large variety and number of tools one could need when fixing something on their roof.

For this reason, we would advise you to consider giving a roofing Rochester Hills MI professional a call to ensure your safety. 

We ask that you consider a qualified roofer before taking on the considerable task of roof repair. When in a state of frustration, you may lose sight of the proper safety measures needed. That’s why we hope you can relax in knowing that Second to None Roofing is here to get you through it. 

Second to None Roofing has your back

One important thing to note is that every roof is different, therefore, not all tools you’ll need to accomplish your task are going to be the same. All of your specific unique roofing factors play into your decision if you’re going to try and fix your roof without a professional. 

Easy isnt always better..

Of course, this decision may potentially save you money depending on the job you’re attempting to complete. Yet, it won’t save you the time you would’ve saved had you hired an expert roofing company in Michigan; also, consider the stress involved. The advantage of hiring a professional to take care of your roof is that our experts at Second to None aren’t going to guess when it comes to your home’s roof repairs.

The thing that you can trust about our expert roofers at Second to None is that we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with your roof.

Don't get yourself in a bind..

You might set out to repair your roof by yourself, only to discover that you need help. In that event, we want to encourage you that out of all of the roofing companies in Oakland County Michigan, you can trust Second to None to accurately assist you.

Sometimes, we can get caught in a bind with our home’s roofing projects. Instead of running the risk of making a problem worse, we would love to take some of that workload off of you. We aim to turn your roof into something you love and can enjoy the security of. Our roofing specialists are excited to meet you and are more than happy to help, so do not hesitate to give us a call today.