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Serving our customers who are located in the Macomb County region is a privilege for us. We are thankful for the opportunity to take care of homeowners throughout the area. 

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We understand the demand for professionals who will make repairs to your roof and remain consistent in the caliber of service we deliver each time. We can confidently assure you that we’ve seen just about every roofing complication there is to see in Macomb, and hardly anything catches us off guard.

May our unchanging assistance give you confidence that you’ve stumbled up one of the most excellent roofing companies in Macomb County MI.

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Our roofing professionals are always busy studying and researching how roofing repairs differ across Michigan. Schedule an assessment with Second to None, a Chesterfield roofer who has the skills needed to ease your mind and get it done. What Does the Climate in Macomb MI Have to Do with Installing Shingles? If you are unfamiliar with shingles, then we will try to clear things up a bit. 

How The Chilly Weather in Macomb County Affects Your Home’s Roof

Depending on how long you’ve lived in Macomb County, chances are you have gotten at least somewhat used to the weather climate and temperature unless you grew up in Florida. You are probably used to what is known as a “warmer month,” being not so warm.

Many Macomb County residents may be aware that the average temperature in the cooler winter months can range anywhere from a low of 14 degrees to 27 degrees. But professional roofing companies in Macomb County MI understand that cold weather can affect more than just what you wear and how much you bundle up before leaving the house.

The cooler it is outside, the harder it is to install things like asphalt shingles. If it is snowing, new problems can arise, such as clogged gutters and weighted roofs due to heavy snowfall and ice. 

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If you are looking to repair your roof or even a whole replacement, we recommend that you do a bit of research first on

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Check on Your Gutters Before and After the Snow in Macomb

Unfortunately, roof gutters can go unchecked and overlooked when assessing or surveying any damage in need of correction on our roof. The main reason for this forgetfulness is apparent. Your front door, you can see. Your windows and driveway are easily recognizable; however, we don’t usually step onto a ladder to take a look inside of our gutters. 

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Professional roofing companies in Macomb County MI, typically suggest that you check on your gutters as the temperature drops, especially if it gets below freezing. As it gets colder and moisture in the air freezes, the ice’s weight has a way of weighing on your gutters. That could cause damage and require a gutter replacement if not acted on quickly.

One of the simplest ways to prevent damage to your roofing gutters in freezing weather is to check whether any icicles have formed periodically. If they have, pull them off. It’s recommended by professional and knowledgeable roofing companies in Michigan to consider these gutter assessment precautions and practice them daily. daily. 

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You Can Trust With Your Roof Leak

We make sure that no matter where we send our roofing professionals in MI, they are confident that they are well-equipped, especially in an area like Chesterfield MI where we see quite a few water leaks causing water damage.

We advise the residents of Michigan against is trying to fix water damage without the proper training. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many home ceilings stand on the brink of nearly caving in. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, you could potentially make it worse.

Call a Macomb and Chesterfield Roofing  Specialist Who Knows What to do! 

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Second to None Roofing works strategically to make sure we can cover as many cities and towns in Southeast Michigan as possible. Yes, we do this because we want to serve many customers who need a roofing professional’s assistance. Still, we also want to be sensitive to region-specific roofing difficulties, as they are subject to change over time.

There are various types of shingles available on the market today. Our professionals are ready to handle and discuss the options that best fit your needs. 

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Ever attended an open house where there are just as many people leaving as people arriving to look at the home? Well, chances are, they curiously glanced up at the roof only to notice the result of a leak that was left unattended for far too long. This is a bad sign and can be quite unappealing to home buyers and your guests.

Our Chesterfield Roofer Professionals Are Masters at Repairing Roof Leaks! 

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It would be a very uneasy feeling to wake one morning to the sound of water dripping, only to notice that our roof is no longer doing its job. And then comes the bucket. Our first instinct is to grab a bucket and place it on the floor for most of us. However, having to empty a bucket before it overflows continually is not the only hassle of prolonging your leaky roof repair. Allow us to give the same advice we often give to our Chesterfield roofing customers and many others in the MI area as it pertains to a leaky roof issue…

While the band-aid of a correctly positioned bucket may suffice for a few days or even a few weeks, it should not be used as a long-term solution. The biggest mistake using this short-term fix is that you may be risking extreme damage to your roof and even the walls of your home. Water damage can take on all sorts of appearances and may not be as noticeable as you would suppose.

Whether You’re A Roofing customer in Macomb County or a surrounding area, Let Us Help You Take Care of Your Roof When Dealing with Water Damage! 

There are many different key factors to consider when deciding on which shingles to use. Talk with us today if you are considering a change from what you currently have. We will walk you through the pros and cons of appeal vs. functionality.

Residential roofing and types of shingles

Wooden Shingles

Believe it or not, the homey feel and appearance that these shingles give off is not the only reason we love them. However, there are some harmful elements to be aware of when going with this shingle choice for your roof. Wooden shingles are great because they hold up very well in parts of the world that have a pretty consistent windy climate. However, they are not the best option if you’d prefer a shingle that is more fire-resistant, of course.

Wooden Shakes

Unlike wooden shingles, shakes are not as uninformed because of how they’re manufactured. Also, they are typically just a bit thicker in volume compared to wooden shingles. Wooden shakes aren’t a great option if you are looking for a clear-cut style for your home. Consider a more commonly used shingle, unless uniqueness is your thing.

What About the Asphalt?

We thought you would never ask! Asphalt is one of the more popular options for roofing shingles, mainly because it is affordable and does well no matter the climate.

If you would like to know about your roofing options and how our roofing professionals can help repair your roof, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call today to inquire about our roofing services!