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With between 83,000 and 85,000 locals residing in Troy, it ranks as one of the larger cities in Michigan than many others in the state.

The percentage of homeowners in the area is continually changing; therefore, the need for premium roofing services is consistently on the rise. Since we are aware of many local homeowners’ needs, we prioritize ours to work with the concerns of Troy, MI residents in mind.

Second to None roofing, like other companies in Oakland County Michigan understand the significance of being flexible. It’s important to understand the varying and ever-changing demands from customers who reside in a large city like Troy.

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Is My Roof Waterproof?

It’s a question we come across all the time, and so we’d like to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the topic of waterproof roofs.

For starters, we at Second to None prefer to use to term “water-resistant” versus waterproof because the truth is that no roof is waterproof.  No matter how you slice it, certain weather conditions will always affect our roofing Troy MI customers’ roofs.

However, you can take some quite effective and rather inexpensive measures if you are a homeowner and worry about your roof’s durability when under extreme amounts of rain.

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At the end of the day, this is Michigan

Ice is a common issue in our great state of Michigan. Ice can have more impact on a roof than most realize, hence why having a reliable local company on your side can make or break your home’s maintenance upkeep.

Roofing companies in Oakland county Michigan will tell you that at some point, either the ice on your roof will melt or stay around for far too long and place unnecessary and sometimes damaging weight on your roof.

If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, which is probably the most popular type of roofing, no matter what state you live in, then you are in luck! The great benefit of having asphalt shingles is that while they may be slightly impacted by moisture, they are extremely water-resistant and great for rainy climates.

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Unsure of what type of shingles you need?

Our Roofing Troy MI experts at Second to None are always quick to recommend asphalt roofing to our customers when they inquire about some of the best roofing options. The only time you may have an issue with asphalt shingles is if a roofer doesn’t install them correctly. It’s important to ensure that all shingle tiles have been locked in and secured before allowing your hired professional to end the job.

If this is not followed through on, you may find yourself calling another roofer out to your home. In a matter of a few months, you could suffer from issues that would never have existed if you hired the right professional in the first place.

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Unlike some other types of roofing shingles that we will discuss soon, no type of “top coat” needs to be applied to your asphalt shingles to make them waterproof, which is definitely a plus if you’re searching for a simple option that requires minimum effort. It’s no wonder that these shingles are some of the most popular around for homeowners in Troy, MI.

If Asphalt Shingles Are Already Waterproof, Then Why Do I Still Need Sealant?

Often we hear other roofing companies in Oakland County Michigan discourage customers from purchasing sealants for their roofs. This is because you run into some sort of leak on your roof or you realize that for whatever reason, your shingles seem to not be as protective as you would’ve hoped. It is better to rightly identify the issue instead of making a hasty purchase.

As a rule of thumb, a sealant is great for things like a torn nail hole or an unexpected crack in shingles due to wear and tear or if the edges need to be patched up.

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Waterproof Wooden Shingles?

Although wooden shingles are a great roofing option due to how amazing they look on your roof, they’re not the best option if your priority is ease and relaxation.

The maintenance for roof shingles can vary, depending on how reliable you would like them to be and how long you would like them to last.

For example, wooden shingles aren’t naturally fire-resistant. However, roofing companies in Michigan that are advocates of wooden shingles will tell you that if you are willing to go through the work of making them “fire-resistant,” that it is a great investment.

While we are on this topic of wooden shingles, it is important to consider that wooden shingles will require some upkeep to waterproofing them. Some professionals would rather over-advise than not tell you enough. We will still say that a pretty ideal time span for waterproofing your shingles is probably every 3.5 years.

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Got Bugs?

Second to None Roofing specialists and other roofing Companies in Oakland County Michigan get pretty large amounts of inquiries from residents who, for some reason or another, seem to have an issue with bugs continually and being attracted to their roof. Usually, this is because of moisture and mold; these things have a way of attracting annoying pesky termites.

However, you may not know that having wooden shingles increases your chances of attracting these bugs due to moisture levels. Now, they’re phenomenal at keeping out moisture that can build up underneath them, but they do absorb lots of water.

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