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Searching for a reliable roofing company isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be very frustrating for some. Here at Second to None we put our best foot forward day in and day out to ensure that our clients minds are at ease with their roofing needs. 

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At Second to None Roofing, we want to make our roofing analysis process feel as easy as possible for our customers in Warren. In order to do that, we have a specific set of values and methodologies we utilize and go by anytime we are called on to check on your roof.

Not only are we quite strategic in our process when it comes to your roof, but we also believe in focusing more on the root cause of your roofing difficulties versus symptomatic occurrences. 

Gutter Problems?

For example, if you’re having an issue with your gutters, the first thing our roofing professionals will likely do is inquire about your downspout because there may be a clogging issue with your downspout, which is causing your gutters not to fully drain water and debris.

However, if you live in an area of Warren with lots of trees and a fairly windy climate, then there may not be an issue at all with your downspout or gutters. Instead, our roofing specialists can strategize and assist you in ways to effectively offset the natural debris so that your gutters are not becoming as clogged as often. As a matter of fact, you can recognize roofing companies like us who are keen on diagnosing the root instead of the symptom simply by listening carefully to the many questions a roofing professional may ask before providing some sort of a solution. 

We understand that if we can save you time, energy, and money by spotting the root cause of something like a leaky roof or shingles that always need replacement and repair services, then we are doing our job pretty well.

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We understand that if we can save you time, energy, and money by spotting the root cause of something like a leaky roof or shingles that always need replacement and repair services, then we are doing our job pretty well.

Now, it can take longer to find root causes of roofing problems, depending on the specific roofing issue at hand; however, when searching for the roofing companies in Michigan who are patient and would instead do the job well and with sustainability, rather than rushing through the necessary steps, then look no further than our roofing professionals at Second to None Roofing. 

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Important Issues To Consider With A Leaky Roof

It’s very important to remember that because your roof is designed to keep water out and stop it from damaging your floors, then if there is a leaky roof problem, it probably necessitates that a roofing expert take a deeper look into different facets of your roof.

Suppose one of our roofing Warren MI residential homes has had a history of a leaky roof. In that case, the first question we ask ourselves is: Are the drip edges installed and properly functioning?

Don’t worry. We won’t get too technical here because we don’t want to confuse you. Still, the drip edges are pretty much the parts of your roof that act as a compass or GPS for excess water trying to gather on your roof. The drip edges are there to help lead the water into the gutters.

However, suppose drip edges are non-existent or not installed correctly by one of the roofing companies in Macomb County MI. In that case, that can cause more water than usual to weigh down your roof and eventually cause an annoying leak. 

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Suppose a roofer is not as detail-oriented as he or she should be when completing a customer’s roofing project. In that case, they may attempt to cut corners on adequately installing the drip edges because, to an indiscriminate eye, drip edges may appear to be not as important as the other parts of the roof.

Still, a roof does not function properly, nor does it provide heavy-duty protection if a facet of the roof is missing.

Most roofing companies in Michigan will tell you that once you’ve considered the drip edges, then it may be worth it to look into what type of material your roofing deck is made of.

If you are unsure how to spot a decking issue, it would be wise to phone a knowledgeable roofing professional.

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The reason this is important is that not all roofs are created equal. Unfortunately, some of them are more susceptible to things like mold, wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions, and rotting.

If this is the case, then it may be worth it to get a roofing assessment of how durable your roofing deck is, especially if you live in an older home and have not checked on your roof’s stability in quite some time.

With that being said, if your roofing deck is made up of plywood like most traditional ones are, then there is such a thing as mold accumulating simply from the moisture and condensation that builds up over time in your home.

If the mold sits there long enough or if for some reason, pests and termites eat through the plywood, then it could potentially make it easier for a leak to transpire.